Saturday, February 25, 2012

Our Sweet New Grandson.... Keaton

We are so excited and proud to welcome little KEATON BLAKE SKIDMORE to our family. Tiara went to the hospital around 7:30 on Tuesday, Feb. 7th and Keaton was born at 11:45!

The day after Keaton got home from the hospital
Tiara has Keaton snug as a bug in his car seat.... ready to go back to the doctors to check his biliruben.
The Doctor said he was fine!

Grandpa and Grandma, so excited to meet little Keaton!

Grandpa got to fly back up a week later and hold Keaton. Here Keaton is 11 days old. What a handsome little man. We think he looks a little like Grandpa Rex and alot like his Daddy.

Keaton is grandchild # 10 for us. We love him so much already! Each of our grandchildren bring us so much joy and happiness. We are grateful to our Father in Heaven for each of them.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Time 2011

The stockings were hung or rather lined up by the chimney with care.... and Santa came and filled them! Christmas was so fun. We had 10 adults and 5 wonderful grandchildren. They really added the sparkle and magic to our Christmas!
We really missed the Dunns up in Spokane and Jake and Summer, who had flown to Arizona for the holidays.

Our giant 13 foot Christmas tree was Loaded with gifts for everyone.

Brynn got this fun Bead Maze from Santa

Talon got lots of fun toys including this Buzz game from Grandma and Grandpa. ( I want to play that with you when I come to visit!) Austin was so excited for Mario Kart! His face says it all!

Ben and Talon saying.... one more present.... or we're number one...

Brooklyn got a "walker" seal from Santa and she was so thrilled when it "walked" across the floor and that she layed on the floor exclaiming,"it walks! it walks!"

Brittany was spoiled by her husband with a brand new sewing machine!

Allie with a Christmas surprise.

One of our best secrets was this Baby changing dresser for Blake and Tiara.
Now how to get it to Moses Lake....

One of Chad's favorite gifts.... good old cash!

The day after Christmas we threw Tiara a baby shower. It was no small miracle that we were able to recover from the Christmas Day wrappings and fun to hosting 40 or so people for a shower. But.... thanks to all our family, they jumped in and worked hard to the very last minute and it was a lovely event. Tiara was blessed by so many friends and family and now has some very nice baby boy supplies to begin this new adventure. Thank You to all for your support!

Our beautiful expectant mother. We love you Tiara!

Some of our wonderful Fullmer family! We love you all so much.

Reindeer pancakes for Christmas morning (yep....pinterest)

Jake and Summer having Christmas with us when they returned from AZ

Christmas Prep 2011

Friends and Family Bowling Party 2011
It's a strange but very fun tradition we started about 4 or 5 years ago.... our Christmas Eve Bowling party with Friends and Family. It started out as a way to get together with our family friends, Brad and Laurie Nielson. Then Kurt married Michelle Parkinson so we invited the Rob and Tracey Parkinson family who are also our good friends. That bowling party was a spark that eventually got Chad Parkinson to ask out and marry our daughter, Brittany. Then we thought... this is so much fun we need our cousins the Reid and Cindy Fullmer family to come. Then Tiara married Blake Skidmore so we included their family. Treagan married Allie Willis and we also invited their family this year. We missed them but hope they'll be able to come next year. My sister Chantelle and her fun-loving 4 teenagers have moved to Rexburg so it was fun to have them join us this year, too. Thanks to Teton Lanes for letting us reserve half the bowling alley and bring lots of pizza and yummy holiday food in. It just turns out to be a fun way to gather with friends, get some exercise, get out of the house and let the families mingle.

This is some creative bowling by Duke, Cienna and Macoy, my sisters kids.

The Queen of bowling and my friend of 21 years in Rexburg, Laurie

Rex and Konda- fun watching our family grow in leaps and bounds.

Chad, his little brother Keaton (who I used to babysit! and is now on Rex's 9th grade basketball team) and little Brynn.

Tiara, Marie Fullmer, little Aaron, and Nicole Fullmer Webb.

Dr. Josh, Nicole and Anna and lucky husband, Rob.

Gary and Blake Skidmore. Gary has some pretty fancy moves on the bowling alley!

Sweathearts, Treagan and Allie.

Crazy, fun grandkids, Austin and Brooklyn.

My sister, Chantelle, and her 16year old daughter Cienna.

Sorry about this pic, Britt....
Britt, Brynn, Tiara and little Aaron.

Kyle Nielson with Kurt and Michelle's daughter, Allie on his shoulders, Alec and Treagan.

Ben and Aubs - sweethearts.

The pictures that follow are some of our
Christmas prep. The first is a picture of the plate of goodies I took around to some of my friends and neighbors. I made 20 plates and wish I could've made 20 more. I still missed some dear friends but I just ran out of time! The snowman and reindeer cookies were ideas from my addiction- pinterest. I also made Nanaimo Bars-a blast from my Canadian past. YuM, aye.
Pinterest is also where I got the idea to make Candy Cone Christmas trees instead of Gingerbread houses. Lots easier and fun for all ages. The last picture is Talon finding our stash of Christmas stockings for Santa to fill and deciding they needed to be worn like stockings!